A Short Biography of Giorgio Armani

Well known fashion designer Giorgio Armani was born in 1934 in the Italian town of Piacenza Italy.

known particularly for his top notch menswear designs Giorgio Armani grew up in a hard working family and began his education in public school from which a great love of the theatre was born. Eventually the young man would receive schooling in the medical field but would soon give that up in the pursuit of photography. Photography was soon also abandoned as Giorgio Armani was called to military service in 1957.

After his duties were over Giorgio Armani found work as a window dresser at a department store in Milan Italy. Around 1964 and with incredibly no formal fashion design experience Armani put together a line of men’s clothing for Nino Cerruti.

Ten years later with the assistance of his partner Sergio Galeotti, Giorgio Armani founded his own clothing company Giorgio Armani SPA. Not long afterwards followed the creation of his soon to been world famous men’s wear line and the establishment of a line of clothing for women in 1975.

The Armani label was well related with both classic and more relaxed men’s designs as well as more masculine design styles for women. The Armani “power suit” gave a lot of women and men confidence in the workplace during the economic boom of the early 1980’s. Giorgio Armani became the first fashion designer to appear on the cover of Time Magazine since Christian Dior and became one of the first designers to go out and approach celebrities about wearing his labels creations. The first of these celebrities being Pat Riley coach of the LA Lakers. Film stars Jodie Foster and Michelle Phieffer are devoted fan’s of Armani’s clothing lines.

Giorgio Armani’s clothes have been seen on everyone from A-list celebrities to airline flight attendants establishing a solid place for the designer’s creations for years to come.

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