A Short Biography of John Hancock

John Hancock was born on the 12th day of January 1737. His outrageously written signature on the Declaration of Independence is no doubt the most easily recognized on the famous document.

John Hancock’s birthplace was Braintree (eventually Quincy) Massachusetts where he grew up as an orphan until adopted by a wealthy uncle with no children. The intelligent young man attended Harvard college where he studied business education. He then went on to apprentice with his uncle and proved he was a most valuable assets. By 1760 John Hancock was handling business trips to England where he witnessed the coronation of George the Third and met with many of the top business men of the country.

Three years later John Hancock’s adoptive uncle tragically passed away. His uncle’s passsing left Hancock with all holdings amassed by all the business ventures that had been made through his uncle’s company. Many circles said it was the biggest fortune in the entire New England area. Unfortunately this new found wealth came with the price of Hancock being put under the suspicions of the working class public of being a loyalist.

John Hancock’s political leanings where made very clear though as he quickly became involved with revolutionary politics and very clearly supported the independence of the United States from Great Britain. Between the years of 1766 and 1768 John Hancock was elected to both the Boston Assembly and the Stamp Act Congress. Hancock’s ship “Liberty” was also impounded in 1768 on the charges of running contraband goods.

Around 1777 he was elected as the governor of his native state. Hancock served in this office for five years before refusing reelection only to win election once more

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