A Single Drop of Blood

A single drop of blood
Extracted through the gentle pours of love
Gliding down the precious temple

Pulled from its surging course
Actively removed by an unseen force

A single drop of blood
From each individual pour recollected
For every pain ever collected
Combining one with another
The stains of myself, my sisters and brothers

A single drop of blood
Extracted through the delicate pours of love
How many had been torn from him
That were due to my own sin
And how many had stung and clouded his eyes
That surely would alone have been my soul’s demise

Did any mortal then understand
What it meant as those nails pierced his hands
Or with what understanding he went as a lamb to the slaughter
Or how we became his sons and his daughters.

But in deceitful ignorance wicked men did laugh in scorn
Unaware of this ineffable pain for their sake borne
For they would repay him by scoffing and spitting upon him
And carelessly bruising this tender body they had already aggrieved within

But repeated in increasing vigor
This single soul apart did linger
Until every drop of life had run
Down perfection’s holy form but one

A single drop of blood was left
To keep his soul from reaching death

For it was not yet the hour to give up the ghost
Nor for the inevitable destruction upon creation’s host
For the excruciating death upon the cross in the horizon did lurk
Where he was to finish this, his divine work

Had it not been for this pure act of love
My song could never have reached my Father above
And had it not been for this lonely path trodden before
I could never be invited to open salvation’s holy door

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