Fantasy: A Figment of My Imaginary Utopia

I can see it coming. It’s spring in the cold, dry winter. The sun shines in through the cracks in the ceiling. The orphan down the street is not hungry anymore…in fact he offers me a slice of his shepherd’s pie. The rain feels nice and warm. The wailing baby’s tears dry up and a smile lights up her face. The quarreling couple next door kiss and make up. The ambulance siren fades away and I can hear bagpipes playing in harmony. The carnations lift their heads and smile serenely at the old gardener. The baker makes himself a scrumptious hot dog and feasts on it while sipping on his favourite wine. It’s a perfect world….a perfect world I live in and things are just as I want them to be.
I dare not open my eyes for fear of losing the perfection I’ve created. Can I dream on forever? Can I continue to be the Alice in my little Wonderland? Self created and bizarrely imaginary, my little Utopia is where i dwell.

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