The Real Story of Romeo and Juliette

This Juliette was bleeding
her souls bright fire dim
In a life of sorrows
it was sink or swim
On the shore she saw him
a Romeo, prince of the night
Against all odds she reached out
and turned from garish light
The he pulled her from the tide
saved the dying maid
She afraid to love him
and yet by her side he stayed
With blind faith she followed
into his shadow she fell
seduced by black and velvet
Drunk of passions spell
A day spent long in bliss
A moment meant so much
And no more was this Juliette
starved from love’s sweet touch
Then the darkness overcame
In silence he left her there
Never saw the tears fall
or heard her heartstrings tear
Left alone in pain
Once again she did bleed
Shocked by another’s power
Longing to be freed
Once again, though time was short
In twisted fate they met
In shadowed seconds spent together
yet no where did they get
Again ripped apart by time
and distance seals the fate
Now all this Juliette feels
is pain, despair, and hate
She cries without a tear shed
She lives without a soul
She curses the one she loves now
For everything he stole
“I love you,” she did long to hear
But those words he never said
And this Juliette lays
And wishes she were dead

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