Poets Chronicle the Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. It’s cute, informative. I care a lot about many things but have nothing to say about any of them that has not been said already, and if I do it’ll come across as winy. It’s just an experiment really; the process, processes. It’s nowhere near.

How long will it take to get there? Where is it? What’ll happen on the way? Annoying. Hah hah hah ah ah ah. Anger, and these of course are the qualities: anger, annoyance, cuteness. They are the qualities in a writer’s block. Smart, very smart; ah, another one. How many can we find? Cute.

To where I go I do not know. It better be good. This is somebody’s time. Which? Let’s see, I have smart, cute, annoyance, and anger. The smart part of me is the one who likes to keep things whole, which makes me cute, annoying, and angry. Outside, I’ve got nail clippers at my desk, in the bathroom, and in my car so that I don’t bite my nails anymore. It’s a quirk. It’s a symbol. It’s something that exemplifies these qualities. This is really remedial: cute, smart, annoying, maybe a little bit of anger. Of course, their could be some astonishment; astonishment, annoyance, smartness, cuteness, and anger, some anger. The processes are very difficult, but I am starting to get to a point: quirks.

Nail clippers for stations
vegetables, fruit, red meat; in that order
failing to beat a dead horse, which I am quite proud of peculiarly

To build a story around quirks! To let them be the deciding factors in what may or may not happen, a whole chain. Usually, there is one.

More quirks:

Organization, this is commitment folks. It doesn’t happen like this usually. Most people just run with it, or they do it on the fly. It just happens.

Schizophrenic, or is everything out of the I? Commitment folks, who? HOO, I am an owl. My neck is, gosh I don’t know that word. 10:43 a.m Monday, December 19, 2005. Where’s a biologist when you need one? 10:47 a.m. The search continues. It’s a frenzy. Why? Because it can’t be empty. If I proceed without knowing what the term is for being able to swivel the head about it’s axis at 360 degrees, I will take it very personally as a sign that I do not have mine. 10:51, this could take hours, days.

Owls and nail clippers, obsessions with finding the term; quirks. Probably a new quality though: professional. Yes, this is professional.

I’m on hold with the pharmacy. 10:57. I waited a few minutes. Probably hung up. Try contacting the zoo. They’ll understand. It’s just a will to be accurate really, Writer’s block. What’s the word? Mystery. Somebody’s got to know something, a quirky, nail biting but don’t, cute, annoying, and angry because I don’t know the word mystery.

Should I go to the zoo? I’ll call them instead. This is a long recording. Please Suzie, I left a message. 11:10 a.m. Monday, December 19, 2005. I thought I was resourceful.

So, we have a (because it is cool) a hole in our plot. Somebody’s got to know what that is called. Suzie at the zoo does. She works with birds. Let’s hope she calls back.

Does anbody care? This is very important. This is how writer’s block gets shot. Poetics really, the search for a chordata characterstic and more precisely an owl, the BIRD! 5:2 she calls back. Bet.

The search for another, 10:1. Let’s wait. 17:1. I’m not going to wait for her to call back. Well, excuse me I’ll just consider it a hole.

What is it? Does anybody know? Who else can I contact? Look dummy! The guillotine is here! Finally.

270 degrees in each direction, the owl’s ability to swivel it’s head, not 360. I am encountering a lot of gray area. This could be a movie, but I would have to leave the desk. Time length: 11:28. Exactly 45 minutes, or Ã?¾ of an hour. One hundred and fifty dollars. Nocturnal, incongruent ears. Carnivorous, HOO, HOO! Tick, tick, tick.

Working. It’s not always 270 degrees, sometimes 180. Persistence is the art of expression. Gotcha. Jesses, the term for the leather strap used to lay a hawk. Passage, the name for an immature wild bird caught. Head doctor. Ah, yes.

Multitasking. Writer’s block, not knowing the words!!!]]] Rest is important, 11:40. Quality? Qualities? Quirks? Mystery? The hole? Nail biting, red meat, working. Yarak, a state of complete focus on the hunt; an Eastern term.

If I were a marketer I would make it up, excuse me an educated guess.

Writer’s block means not having the answer, honor to create. These are the processes. 11:58 a.m.

Time is very important, and how long it takes to find that filling. The horse is still alive. Yahoo!!!

Look it up. Look it up is what I hear. That’s what I am trying to do. Why are people so difficult? They think they’re being cute. Time. Suck on my genital situation, the first thing that pops into somebody’s head when they are asked by somebody who they do not know to unload a piece of information. How tight’s your family? Your brotherhood? Sisterhood? One hour and 40 minutes. Gosh, that’s a lot of banging. Head banging, against the wall. Excuse me. It’s rotating at 270 degrees, left and right.

Award ceremony. Hero. Imbecile. Artist. Owls are carnivorous. They eat red meat. Nail biting continues. Horse is having fun with the ride. It’s not dead yet. This is a piece today, this week, this year. It doesn’t get any better unless I have an answer. Mystery. Heads spinning in multiple directions. The owl, a wise old bird. Quality>!{{{ mystery>!{{{

What’ s going on? Another mystery. The processes? Another mystery. Emails and calls have been made. This could take all day. Shout it out. Shout it out now. It’s coming from the sky. A full circe tilt.

I’m going to the vet. Be back in 20. 2:36 p.m 12/21/05 11/17 a.m – nothing from zoo.

Friday, January 6, 2006. Fifteen days since the crime. Unsolved mystery. Even the vet didn’t know. There is no name for the owl’s ability to swivel it’s head up to 270 degrees in either direction. That’s 2 vets, the Los Angeles County Zoo, and my great Uncle, the man who knows everything talking. There is no solution. I lost my head.

There is some data that I did retrieve courtesy of the Los Angeles County Zoo, several books that I dug through, and my great Uncle. The owl has 7 even extra cervical, or neck, vertebra that are not fused. Oooh?! So that blood is not cut off, pay attention! Pay attention! So that blood is not cut off, owls have evolved an arrangement of the jungular veins with associated bypass connector vessels. In other words, their canals for life support twist without breaking. It might explain why they’re so wise. It’s important to be flexible, especially with a writer’s block which really turned into one. There is no PC term for the owl’s ability to rotate it’s head up to 270 degrees in either direction, a true hole. The mystery has gone unsolved. I lost my head, but so did everybody else because they never came up with this term. It’s a word. What is it?

This has merely been an experiment to illustrate why people go nuts, especially writers. There is a block and it is an empty concept. It may have to do with a bird, the vet, a specific quality; qualities for which there are no terms for at times so some people do the next best thing and make them up. Artists especially. I’m going to make up this term right now forever because I may have earned that right. Afterall, I lost my head trying to come up with a term for a characteristic that literally describes my condition.

The new word for an owl’s ability to rotate it’s head in either direction up to 270 degrees will be called “tosatrih” for The Owl’s Special Ability to Rotate It’s Head.” Forever known, it will be this way.

True response from the Los Angeles Zoo in response to my inquiry:

Thank you for contacting the LA Zoo. I was unable to find a simple term for this ability, but structurally the ability to turn its head almost 180 degrees is because they have a single occipital condyle. This is true of all birds and some reptiles. Mammals have a double occipital condyle which is why we don’t have that same flexibility.

Condyle: a rounded process at the end of a bone, forming a ball-and-socket joint with the hollow part of another bone

Occipital: of the back part of the head or the bone that is the back part of the head

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