Just like You Did

Today, the sky is blue, the air is warm,
And I kept very busy working all day.
But somehow, busy is never enough.
I still find time to think of you.
Ah jeez,
If I could trade in all these haunting memories,
For just an hour or two of your time,
So we could have an honest heart to heart talk,
Just me and you.
But that won’t happen,
Cuz you never were honest,
And you are done using me.
God how I hate the truth today.
At least I hate it right now.
I’m still looking for someone to take your place.
But I meant it when I told you,
I love you body, mind and soul.
How do you turn that off?
How do you stop loving?
How do you forget?
How do I lose myself
And start all over again?
No one compares to you
And that is so sad.
Because truth be told,
You weren’t all that.
Except to me.
To me, you were my everything.
So today was just another day.
Tomorrow will be just another�
And the day after that.
And I pray that each and every one of them,
May be the very day,
I learn to let go and move on.
Just like you did.

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