She is nice, and she is a 24 age
Tiny and fine, with silver-blue hair
Always in revenge, never in a cage
Lioness always nice looks and wears

Her lips are dark-red, like love aid
She is sitting in a car, never so afraid
Her mind is heavy, and she hates aids
For lioness know all good mums and dads

She has never a guilty conscience
Lioness asks with smiles, like real lioness
She is a good swimmer, she is good for dance
Please not with lioness, with devil make alliance

Her dress is soft and her skin soft and hard
On every touch she gives a fresh new smile
King is the biggest, but ace is not her card
Even when she cries, she needs a new lion

Agony and pain are forgotten things in verses
Play and enjoy, she knows what she wants
She needs real gifts, not only mercies
Lioness is always, always in new hunts

Fear for disease, and take a good luck
Lioness gives a pleasure, don’t be afraid
She can be evil, and then you can be a duck
Lioness is fortress, she is never maid.

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