How Does it Feel to Live in Your Thoughts?

A Collection of Thoughts

I lay asleep in my thoughts thinking; “how few are the many that think like me? Who think outside possibilities? I am but a thought, an idea. An imagery of my humble existence. I am candid with myself at this moment. I am free.

I see the world like a paper clip. Up and down. High off life and deep in stupidity.
I don’t allow any one’s ideas to wear me out. I don’t believe that the clouds are gray or the sun untouchable. I value photographs of time as it slips away.

I know that love is a lie that keeps living. I’m not afraid of the dark anymore. I admit in the lives I have lived, I have left some of me to remember. While I live in forget of the cause. On occasion I wake from my vintage. And remind myself to speak soft. Just some thoughts that are legless and lifeless without my collect and my passing them on.”

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