Halloween Night

Billy and Greg love Halloween, It’s their favorite holiday. But something has ruined their Halloween this year and that’s “The Trick or Treat Killer” who caused a massacre last Halloween with 6 dead bodies. The Police never caught him and they are keeping an eye out this year. The town decided not to ban Halloween for some strange reason, but a lot of parents have decided not to allow their kids to go out for Halloween. including Billy and Greg’s.

“This is BS, I want some candy!” Billy says. “Don’t worry Bud, I have a plan” Greg says. “What is it?” Billy Asks. “We’re going to sneak out” Greg says. “That’s it, that’s your stupid plan!” Billy yells. “Hey don’t yell at me, it’s the best I can come up with at the time” Greg says. “My dog could have come up with something better then that” Billy says. “We’ll ask him then, jerk” Greg says. “Let’s just tell our parents were going over to Roger Foster’s house” Billy says. “I don’t think that will work” Greg says. “Let’s try at least” Billy says.

5 MINUTES LATER. Billy and Greg step outside. “I cannot believe it worked” Greg says. “Believe it fool, I’m the master of lying to my parents” Billy says. “I’m surprised they never saw the Robert Foster is a tool slogan written across your book bag” Greg says. “It proves they pat attention as much as I do” Billy says. Billy reaches into a bag at his side and pulls out two masks, one is a Skull and one is an evil clown. “You can be the killer clown, I’ll be the skull” Billy says. “More like the Num Skull” Greg laughs. Billy slaps Greg upside his head. “Shut up” Billy says. Billy hands him the mask. “Let’s go get us some candy” Billy says. Billy and Greg travel to several houses, getting various types of candy, from Snickers to Skittles, the boys are getting loaded up with lots of sugary treats.

They stop by a house with the lights on, but the door is opened a little. “Isn’t that Roger’s House?” Greg asks. “Yeah it is, let’s get some candy from that tool” Billy says. Billy and Greg walk up to the door and begin to creep in. “Mrs. Foster, you there?” Greg asks. Billy and Greg fully walk into the house and shut the door behind them. The lights are on, but there’s no one in sight. “What’s going on?” Billy asks. Greg looks around and sees something lying on the floor in the kitchen. “Over there Billy” Greg says. Billy and Greg walk into the kitchen. Their jaws suddenly drop. There on the kitchen floor is Mrs. Foster, with her throat cut open. “Oh my god” Greg says. “What is going on?” Billy asks. “It’s the trick or treat killer, it has to be” Greg says. “Where are Roger and his Dad?” Billy asks. “Let’s check Roger’s room” Greg says. Billy and Greg go up to Roger’s room and open the door. Roger is lying on his bed with a knife stabbed into the back of his head. “We have to get out of here, Right now!” Billy yells. Billy and Greg run into the living room and standing there is the Trick or Treat Killer, holding a knife in one hand and Roger’s Dad’s head in the other. The killer is wearing a monster mask and begins to approach the boys. Billy and Greg turn around and run out the back door. “Let’s go to the old Tapley house, he won’t be able to hear us in there” Greg says.

Billy and Greg run over to the old Tapley house and crawl through the window. Billy and Greg sit down on the ground. “I can’t believe we were actually face to face with the Trick or Treat killer” Billy says. “Me either” Greg says. “I can’t believe he actually killed Roger and his parents, I may have hated him, but still he didn’t deserve to die “Billy says. “Are you having a good Halloween, Billy?” Greg asks. Billy looks at Greg strange. “What do you think!?” Billy yells. “Too Bad” Greg says.

The door to the Tapley house bursts open and there stands the Trick or Treat Killer with knife in hand. Greg stands up and grabs Billy. “What are you doing, let me go!” Billy yells. “I have him where you wanted him, Dad” Greg says. “Dad!? Your dad is the trick or treat killer!?” Billy says. “Sure is, and we were going to off you last year, but decided to let you have a year to rest” Greg says. “This is sick, you both are sick” Billy says. “Oh come on, this is me and Dad’s Hobby” Greg says. “But we’re friends!” Billy says. “We have to make sacrifice’s Billy” Greg says. “Come on Greg, stop playing” Billy says. “Sorry” Greg says. The Trick or Treat Killer lifts up his knife. Billy’s eyes go wide.

The knife strikes down and from the outside you can just about hear the faint scream before Billy dies. This is a Halloween Night he’ll never forgetâÂ?¦

The End

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