White Stripes at Roseland

i can’t even SPEAK coherently at the moment.
i am stuffing my face with a tuna bagel and pickles and thinking of Jack. and Meg. oh dear gods, i love them so and it was amazing.
i cried like a little girl. i feel like a teenager.

firstly, Meridith got us mezzanine seats at Roseland. this means safety. no crowd. little stools and a table and amazing view of stage. sat next to cute Cuomo-look alikes and they were fun to chat with.

we sat thru the two openers who were tolerable and entertaining!
but my gods i never wanted bands to be done so fast in my life!

then the crew came out and they were so bad ass! the Stripes crew are all in black suits and hats with red ties.they drag out these great old amps and equipment and everything is red and white. i start getting so excited i cannot speak.

ten minutes later, i look and see Jack walk out, throw his jacket off his shoulders and grab his guitar. i am so honest when i say my whole heart leapt out of my chest. my mouth dropped open. then Meg,little Meg comes out and jumps on her drumkit…and it begins.

Photos of jack do not do him justice. i already think he is beautiful.
but seeing his face and hearing him shred the guitar and sing..and oh my gosh. i just can’t even describe it. He wore all black, but the pants had a red stripe down the sides. he rarely spoke, but when he did it was to thank us and to yell at the jerk off crowd surfers who hurt some people in front.he played with such passion it was like watching him have sex.you can just see the way he moves in a trance almost..he at times channels Robert Plant and they did all the songs i really wanted to hear.
Meg even came out and did her little song..she is so so lovely.tiny little Meg in a white t shirt, red and black leather pants and bare feets. and she drums her heart out. she makes me want to play so much more.she had a fan behind her head to cool her off and her hair was blowing everywhere!
The way they play off each other was so loving and strong. Jack has a mike right next to Meg’s kit to go over and sing and decide what tune to do next.
my highlights were “Pocket”, which Jack performed with a single white spotlight…and ‘Hello Operator” which is a Meri and Jenne fave.

good gravy i can;t stop gushing!

it was raining like crazy when it was over but i didnt care!

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