In the Twilight

In the twilight.
In the evening.
In the black and dark night.
I peered from my window,
from my casement on high.

And as I looked, as I peered
I beheld down below
a young man devoid of wisdom,
a simple-minded fellow.

He walked without purpose
through the streets of the bazaar
which held valuables and
trinkets from strange lands afar.

He looked all about him
to find in the craze
a treasure of beauty, and elegance
and praise.

He roamed among booths
and came to a certain space
which seemed farther away
than all other booths in the place.

As I watched in intrigue
the warning bells rung
for I saw the Strange Woman
who had poison of flattering tongue.

I cried out from my casement
in order for him to hear
a wise and sound warning
to “not touch nor go near”.

But my cries of alarm
went unheeded and ignored
and I sighed in sadness
as he walked through her front door.

I stood there for hours
to wait and watch what would come about
but I hung my head in shame and grief
because he had not yet come out.

I knew then why my father
warned me all those years before,
so that I could warn the simple fellow
who ventured to her door.

For she had flattering ruby lips
that lead all men to lust
and an alluring flame, burning fire
that turned all men she touched to dust.

Her corner lead to enticement
and her words to pain and sin,
for her household is a place of death
where no light enters in.

If only he had come with purpose
a reason for his search
perhaps a nice leather-bound book
to take with him to church.

I thanked my God in heaven then
for giving me release
so that lady with the poison tongue
couldn’t lure me with her disease.

I gazed back out the window
and peered down to the way
and I saw that wicked woman appear
with a sickning smile on her face.

She had gained another victim
from her words of dripping honey
and had pocketed his soul and heart
like Judas did his money.

I prayed with hope for that mans life
as I saw him soon appear.
He was bound by many cords of iron
and chains of mother’s tears.

I wept with sobs of wracking pain
as I turned to snuff the light,
and turned again to see the bound man
follow his new master out of sight.

I bowed my head in humbleness
and prayed to God above
to show that poor foolish man
the everlasting love.

I stepped back from my window
as prayed for that mans sight.
In the twilight, in the evening,
in the black and dark night.

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