Everything You Might Not About Living with Your Jack Russell Terrier

As most of you know the Jack Russell Terrier is a big dog in a little body they seem to think they are a 180 pound dog they tend not to be afraid of nothing…….. yeah right I have two Jack Russell Terrier’s and they are both afraid of flies i think it’s the buzzing noise that the fly makes not all Jacks are the same there are some that don’t get along to well with cats or other pet’s well i can’t talk for those Jacks but i sure can talk about what mine are like and my two Jacks get along well with other pet’s like cats or other dogs. If you get a Jack Russell you should really read up on what they are like most people think oh i know what i’m doing and before you know it the dog is running them with this breed you must show them at a young age that you are the boss in the home as you know dogs are pack animals and they follow whoever is the top dog in that pack,but it is true about what i had said how these dogs seem to think they are 180 pound dog. These dogs are great to have if you know what your getting yourself into like i have said before they are hyper dogs and need space to run and play i find owning two females is great i have read that if you have two of the same sex in this breed they will tend to fight well so far so good with my two as they are mom and child they may when the little one gets older,but as of now they get along good i guess it’s on how you would raise your puppy to be a puppy is not born to be a fighter it’s on how you raise any dog not just the Jacks. Jacks are lovable dogs the only thing i have a problem with is that i can not let mine of the leash they like to chase whatever moves on the ground or in the tree now these dogs are hunting dogs and this is why it’s not a good idea to let them run free as they tend to run after whatever they seen.These dogs can live up to 15 years of age thats a long time for a dogs to live so if your thinking on getting one of these dogs it’s always good to read up on this type of breed before you go out and buy this dog and always ask questions about the dog if you buy your dog from a breeder i think it’s better then going to a petshop to buy one as you wont get all the answer that you might be looking for like what was the parents like were they clam or really hyper? now when you go to a breeder you can ask these types of questions that’s the diffrenents i hope you have enjoy reading what i had to say about this breed and if you want to know more you can go take a look at my book call Everything you want to know about living with these busy bodies (Jack Russell Terrier’s).

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