A Song That Pays Tribute to Mothers and Motherhood

One of the greatest accomplishments a woman can fulfill in her lifetime is to raise her children.

Motherhood is often a thankless job, but Cyril May and Jack McDonald have just released a new tune called Mum, a loving salute to mothers everywhere.

Cyril performs the vocals on the song, softly spoken in his mild Australian accent, like a love poem with gentle instrumentals in the background, creating an atmosphere of affection and appreciation.

‘Oh they say that men are the stronger sex,

But you know in the long run

I’m sure the power of the people in this old world

Comes one hundred percent from Mums’

Mothers will feel a renewed sense of their own priceless value while listening to this kind-hearted and sweetly sentimental song. And children will perhaps see their “Mum” in a new light and be a little more thoughtful.

‘Such sacrifices have they made for us

And such hard work they have done

So how can we repay them?

There’s no way ‘neath the sun.’

From diapers to diplomas, mothers keep life running smoothly, and often make it look much easier than it really is. For this, and so much more, we owe our mothers a debt of gratitude, and now we have Cyril May and Jack McDonald to thank for this heartfelt tune.

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