A Unique Personalized Gift Idea for New Baby, Anniversary, Wedding, Retirement and More!

Most of us have to buy a gift and are stuck without any ideas, or wander a store or mall aimlessly trying to find something different and perfect for the person we’re buying for. There’s an affordable solution, that’s a perfect fit every time, and you don’t even have to leave home to get it. For the same money you would’ve spent at the mall, you can give a gift that will really make a beautiful impression and even be cherished for years. Whether it’s for a new baby, wedding or anniversary couple, Mothers or Fathers Day, retirement, special birthday, or just someone you want to honor with appreciation, try www.meaningfulmessages.net.

With a quick turnaround available, even as few as 48 hours, this company will create an acrostic poem based on the recipient’s name that includes the special characteristics, hopes and dreams, and even rhymes! An acrostic poem is a poem that contains the letters in an individual word or name vertically, and a message using the letters going horizontally. The poems include beautiful graphics and are printed on textured paper.

You can choose from first, middle and last names being used, and even include more than one name. I’ve ordered them for my aunt’s retirement, my neighbor’s new baby, my grandmother on Mothers Day, and my sister and her new husband when they were married. They were all beautiful and very appreciated. Each has a place of honor in their homes. On the Meaningful Messages web site, there are clickable examples for a new baby, Mothers Day, and wedding couple. The pricing is based on the number of names used. The poetic gifts can be purchased already framed or ready to frame, and can even be shipped directly to the recipient if desired. In fact, for someone moving into a new home, each member of the family’s name could be incorporated into a poem about wishes for the new home and family. Imagine the gift from you framed on the wall of the new baby’s room and remarked on for years to come. Meaningful Messages has hit upon a unique gift idea that has many applications. You might want to order one for your own mom on Mothers Day, or for your childrens’ rooms.

The Meaningful Messages web page has an order form where you can fill out important information you want included, and the poetry staff will contact you with any further details, questions, and for you to approve a draft of the gift before it is finished. You can even place an order over the phone if you prefer. The staff is very helpful, nice, and most of all talented at what they do.

Meaningful Messages accepts payment through Paypal. Payment isn’t even requested until the gift is approved by you and ready to send. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

They’ve saved me time over and over again, and my gift was always the one that left the person feeling touched. Give it a try the next time you need something special. Www.meaningfulmessages.net .

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