A Wearable Satellite Radio

Here’s a new product for people on the go. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Sirius, the portable satellite radio that offers more than 120 channels of music, news, sports, talk, traffic and weather. But on August 25, Sirius announced their newest device, the S50. It’s the world’s first wearable satellite radio and it’s scheduled to hit U.S. shelves just before Halloween.

It’s hard to believe a 2-inch-wide by 4-inch-tall device with a slick depth of only .7 inches can pack so much punch, but it can hold up to 50 hours of content. The Sirius S50 even boasts a new voice-assisted navigation system so users never have to take their eyes off the road. Otherwise, an intuitive knob enables a channel scan while tilting activates pause, rewind, fast-forward or save.

“The wearable Sirius S50 provides subscribers with extensive versatility when it comes to when, where and how they receive their favorite SIRIUS programming,” said Jim Meyer, President of Operations and Sales for SIRIUS. “This small satellite radio is full of exciting, easy to navigate features for everyone from the least to the most tech savvy consumer.”

Some features include the ability to automatically gather and refresh sets of programming from your three favorite channels, an option to save songs or talk shows with the press of a button, a scheduled recorder for capturing on a recurring basis and the ability to add your own MP3 or WMA from your own pc. Users can also create impressive play lists.

The battery life is approximately 6 hours, but they’re rechargeable. Included are ear buds, a belt clip, an arm band, a USB cable and AC adapter, a car dock with adhesive mount, a cigarette lighter power adapter, a remote control, and a low-profile antenna. It features a DC input and line output.

The MSRP is $359. Consumers can also purchase a home dock for $99.

Sirius radios are currently offered in more than 20 vehicles and Hertz offers them at selected locations throughout the U.S.

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