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It’s difficult to keep up with all the latest technology trends. My ex, still a good friend of mine, continues to try; he spends hundreds of dollars a week getting the latest computer upgrades, the coolest new cell phone, or the greatest surround-sound speakers available in the tiniest package. I’ll admit that I’m one of the people who like to sit back, watch the confusion, and learn to use what I use even better. Once the dust settles, I’ll find something amazing and new that’s already been tested to pieces by the brave souls before me.

One of the things that seems to change the most quickly is how we communicate. With everything from text messaging to Internet phone service (VOIP), our world becomes smaller by the day because we can interact with it more quickly and efficiently.

Want to learn more about the things you use (or don’t yet because you’re confused) to communicate? The latest guides on Associated Content will turn you into a communications-expert in no time at all.

Become a Text-Messaging Guru!

Sabah Karimi joined AC as a content producer in April, and in the last 2 months has provided readers with everything from filing for divorce (quickly) in Wisconsin to creating a time capsule. Her varied range of interests has a lot of potential – and one of those interests led to her article, Become a Text-Messaging Guru!, which I’m featuring this week because it presents a ton of information in a way that makes it fun to read. Confused by text messaging lingo? I would have had to really puzzle over messages like “m l8 dnt 4get ur d8” without Sabah’s “Learn the Lingo” section.

She goes on past the text message dictionary to provide information on storing your most-used words, steering clear of multi-tasking, and some general etiquette. Great work and a fun article.

VOIP Technology for Non-Techies – How it Can Help Your Small Business

Vonage has been hitting the minds of telephone users for months now; if they’re not in the news, they’re in your email and on your television. This marketing doesn’t really help a lot of people understand what the service, Voice Over IP (VOIP), is all about – or how it can help them. In her article, VOIP Technology for Non-Techies, Brenda Keener gives readers just that: What VOIP is, and what it can do for you.

With a focus on the small business and ways that VOIP services benefit them, anyone that operates a business of any kind will find this article timely and helpful.

Mobile Media Memory Dump: Broadband, Cell Phones and Future Technology

Though my focus remains tuned to the latest releases on Associated Content, sometimes I stumble across an “older” article that can’t be missed – Michael Dare’s article definitely fits that criteria. Published in late April, Mobile Media Memory Dump: Broadband, Cell Phones, and Future Technology is absolutely enormous. We’re talking 9 pages of insight here, a virtual glimpse into the future. Michael provides a brief history of our current technology – cell phones and broadband in particular – and then shares the knowledge he gleaned from a seminar by The Media Center at the American Press Institute called “Media Opportunities and Strategies for the Mobile Broadband Generation”.

Seriously, grab a cup of coffee and kick back with this article for a few minutes. You’ll be amazed at some of the latest and greatest things coming our way.

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