A World with More Daughters Than Sons

A world with more daughters than sons

We often find the male child preferred over female child. The parents desire male child more than female child. A girl born next to a boy is neglected. The parents expect another son, but they find a girl is born. They do not love her equally like the boy. A boy born after a girl is loved and cared more than his sister. This is what we generally find in our India. For this reason, we find a shortage of girls when the males are reaching their age of marriage.

A new study tells a different story. According to the Journal of Theoretical Biology, very attractive people are 36 per cent more likely to have daughters than sons and this is why the world’s females are becoming better looking than men. The studies postulates that differing “evolutionary strategies” lead parents to produce the sex that would most benefit from their own characteristics.

If this study hold true, then there would be more girls in this world than boys. Nature balances itself in a new pattern. Then a time may come when the girls will find it difficult to marry.

From the dawn of human creation till now, natural selection made man the fittest animal in the world. He survived while bigger animals like perished as man has the largest cranial capacity which is not found in other animals. His high intelligence and his novel methods of adaptation to nature will make his biology even more strong than before.

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