AC Ratings for Laminate Flooring

An AC (Abrasion Class) rating is applied to every line of laminate flooring by an independent body known as EPLF, or European Producers of Laminate Flooring. A series of tests are designed and carried out in order to test each line of laminate flooring for stress resistance. The tests range from resistance to burning, to scratching, to impact, and even tests for resistance against abrasion caused by castors and other furniture legs. When the tests are concluded, those lines of laminate flooring are assigned an AC rating, which is the measurement of stress as applied to where the laminate flooring is to be installed. Here is a general guide to the AC rating:

• AC1 is suitable for lighter, more infrequent traffic, e.g. a bedroom.
• AC2 is suitable for general residential use in living rooms and dining rooms.
• AC3 can be applied to more varied locations, such as small offices and other light commercial locations
• AC4 can be installed in higher traffic commercial areas such as boutiques, busier offices, and restaurants.
• AC5 is more durable still and can withstand the traffic of heavier commercial areas such as department stores and public buildings.

All reputable manufacturers of laminate flooring adhere to these standards which are outlined by the industry for the benefit of consumers. It is important for consumers to note the AC rating on the laminate flooring they are considering, particularly with the idea of foot traffic, moisture, and other stresses that the laminate flooring will need to endure firmly in mind.

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