ATM Use 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

There are several things you should know when you use your Bank Card at an ATM Machine. For your safety here are ten tips to assure your safety and security

1, Use a machine that is located within a building. The more secure the building the better your chances are that you will not be robbed. Try not to use your card at an outside bank. Look for those located in shopping malls, convenience stores or drive in where you are in your car.

2. All ATMS have closed circuit TV so that if you are assualted you may be able to have a picture of your assailant available for the authorities. located within a building, most ATMs have very clear almost glass or mirror appearance, look and see who is behind you.

3. Look around and take in your surrounding, if it doesn’t look safe, or if it is too dark or to abandoned don’t pull your card out to get money, wait util you get somewhere that has better lighting and safer surroundings.

4. If you are having any problems with your transaction do not accept the help of strangers, they can easily assualt you and steal your money.

5. Take your card and your receipt, make sure that the transaction has been completed before you leave the front of the ATM, it still may be active and you are walking away with your card in your hand and someone else is using your logged inpin number to pull money out.

6. Do not let someone distract you while you are at the ATM, this is a bait that a tandem team will try to get you involved in, one will ask you a question and you being a nice person will try to assist, while someone comes in on the other side and withdraws your money, Be careful of who you are talking to and what you are doing.

7. Look around you when you are leaving the ATM, most people withdraw money, assure that when you withdraw your funds that you safely secure them in your purse or wallet before you leave the front of the ATM machine. Do not tempt people to try to steal from you if you are flashing around a wad of money. It is easy for someone to snatch the money right from your hands and make a beeline to the exits.

8. Most ATM robberies occur between 7:00 p.m. until midnight, try not to use the ATM during that time it reduces your risk of being a victim of a robbery.

9. If you have to use an ATM on the ouside of a building try to avoid corner ATMS, at corners you cannot have a clear view of the people on both sides of you.

10. If you drive up to an ATM at night or during the day, keep your doors and windows locked. If you have to get out of the ccar to use the ATM at a bank take your car keys with you as a weapon to use to strike out at someone if necessary.

Hope these tips help

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