How to Make Your House a Green Home

Having a beautiful home is an exciting thing, but being able to fill your home with things that are good for the environment and create your own green home is incredible. As companies and consumers become more aware of how our living effects the environment the production and demand for products that are eco-friendly and made from sustainable resources rises. Green homes are attainable with all the many new products on the market from the very basic to the technologically enhanced. The following are some products and companies that produce earth friendly materials to make your own house a green home.

Porch Lighting

Matter Inc. has created a solar powered porch light that absorbs solar energy to power two LED lights throughout the night. The lights can be installed where you would normally have your regular porch light. Not only is this a more earth friendly option for your green home but I think the porch light is more attractive since it doubles as a way to display your address number. The porch light comes with LED solar aluminum porch numbers in silver or black, each number is laser cut so that the light shines through.

Home Flooring

Forbo Flooring specializes in making environmentally friendly flooring from sustainable resources. Their Marmoleum is a multi purpose natural floor that is toxin free and can be easily installed into your green home. The marmoleum comes in two options, the marmoleum can be installed with adhesive and marmoleum Click is installed without any adhesives. Forbo also has hardwood available that is environmentally friendly.

Building Materials

Weyerhaeuser is a lumber company that makes it products from fast growing trees that do not overwhelm the environment. Weyerhaeuser does not make any of its products from tropical rainforest goods or old growth forests.

Xero Flor America is a leader in green roof technology. Green roof are beneficial for both the environment and your home and wallet. Installing a green roof is a great way to make your home a green house. Green roofs decrease your air conditioning use and costs, reduce urban heat and storm water in urban sewer systems while increasing oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange in the environment.

The American Clay Company creates Natural Earth plaster for the interior walls of your house. To make the finish they use natural clay and recycled and reclaimed aggregates. This is a great alternative to regular room paint and I think it looks better because of the texture and rich earthy colors. Replacing your house with earth plaster has many benefits including its non dusting, mold and fade resistant properties and its ability to control moisture.


Earthwise Windows are a great place to find vinyl windows to install in your home. The windows are maintenance free and backed by the Energy seal.


Oceanside Glasstile has beautifully found a way to recreate old glass bottles. The beautiful Super Lattice tiles available work in a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and anywhere else you want to put tile. A must see.

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