Review: Whirlpool Electric Range GR773LX

If you are in the market for a new electric range, one model worth checking out is the Whirlpool Electric Freestanding Range GR773LX. Whirlpool has added some new features and a more modern look to this appliance.

Whirlpool has kept two of their more desirable features, which is the AccuBake Temperature Management System, and their EasyView window. You will be able to find one or both of these features on most of their stoves.

For those of you that are not familiar with these features, the AccuBake Temperature Management System is for keeping a more accurate control of your oven’s temperature so that your food will cook more evenly. A sensor monitors the internal oven temperature, and cycles the bake and broil elements together or separately. This helps maintain uniform heat during the baking process.

The purpose of the EasyView window is to enable a person to view the baking process of the food without having to open the door. Whirlpool also includes an LED oven light, so that the light is much brighter. This causes the temperature to stay uniform, thereby using less electricity to operate the stove.

This Whirlpool stove has the option of cooking with a true convection system. With a conventional range, you only have the standard elements, which is the most inefficient form of baking. You may also find the SpeedBake feature on some brands, which is a combination of the two elements and a fan located at the back of the oven. This fan helps to circulate the air in order to avoid hot and cold spots. If you are unable to afford true convection, this is a suitable option.

With true convection systems, you still have the fan, but there is a third element around the fan. This helps to reduce the cooking time by 30%. It also enables foods to cook and brown more evenly.

With either types of convection, you are able to bake multiple levels of food, which definitely can save time and money for the consumer.

Whirlpool has also added a feature, called ChoiceBake, which allows the consumer to turn off the top element. The purpose of this is to keep foods, such as pies, from browning too fast, yet allowing the product to bake throughly. This is also especially helpful if the items have cheese on top!

There is also a delay bake feature included. This enables you to place an item in the oven, such as apple crisp, and have it start at a particular time. The broiling feature is also able to be adjusted to fit your needs.

Whirlpool has designed this stove with glass touch controls. It takes only a light touch to activate these controls, and the glass allows for easier cleaning. The controls are arranged in a left to right setup for the oven, making it more natural as you pick your options.

One feature that they have added, brought back from the archives is an in-the-console LED night light. It is bright enough to light up the cooktop as well as a night-light.

This range also includes a warming drawer. This enables the consumer to keep products at serving temperature while finishing the rest of the meal. This is a much better option than having to microwave the food to rewarm items, especially at holiday time.

The capacity of the oven is slightly smaller than your standard oven, but this is due to the warming drawer option. There are three oven racks, one which is splittable for taller items, and a roasting rack. The oven is designed with five different positions.

The ceramic cooktop has four cooking elements and an element used for keeping items warm, such as plates or sauces. The two front elements are duel elements, giving you the option of a six- or nine-inch element. The warming zone size ranges from one to seven inches. The back two elements are both six inches.

This range is only available in white, black or stainless with black accents. The price range is $ 1100-1300. You will be able to find this product at Sears and Lowes, as well as any smaller appliance stores carrying Whirlpool.

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