Replace Toxic Chemicals in the Home at Your Own Pace

Eliminating toxins from the home is on your to do list. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that gets put on the back burner. Who has time to analyze every product they use? Who has the money to replace them all? Who knew there were so many toxic home products? It can be an overwhelming undertaking. Relax. You didn’t accumulate all of them at once. Why not replace them gradually?

Choose the method that’s right for you:

1. Replace toxic products by toxicity level.

Eliminate the worst offenders first. If it’s all chemical, chances are it’s not good for you. Chlorine bleach is a good example of this principal and highly toxic. Ammonia is another. Read labels carefully. Look up any ingredient you’re not sure of. Gradually get rid of the most toxic items first. Then work your way down the toxicity ladder.

2. Replace toxic products by category.

Go through your cleaning products one week, beauty products the next week, etc. Once again, start with the most toxic. Don’t forget the garage and garden shed. Keep in mind, there will be some toxic items in those areas that simply can’t be replaced. Lock up products like transmission fluid, oil and gas for your mower. Nix toxic fumes and fire. Be sure combustibles are stored where they can’t heat up.

3. Replace toxic products by shelf or location.

Some areas of your home may contain a large number of toxic products. This is likely true of the garage, kitchen and bathroom. Yes, bath and beauty products can be toxic. Instead of tackling the whole mess at once, divide and conquer. Sort through just one shelf, drawer or cabinet at a time. Before you know it, you’ll have the whole room done.

4. Replace one or two toxic products a week.

Once toxic products are eliminated, you’ll need to find adequate substitutes. Let’s face it, you’re used to the way those old products work. Some of them may be hard to give up. It may be a challenge getting used to a multitude of new products at once. If this sounds like you, why not slow the process? Give yourself time to acclimate to the changes. Choose just a few products a week to replace. A more gradual progression toward living toxin free might be the perfect solution.

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