Murphy Beds Save Space and are Easy to Install

A Murphy bed is a great way to save some space. Murphy beds can be placed in a small room and give you more space to use during the times you are not sleeping. A Murphy bed is easy to put down to sleep on and it is also easy to put back up into the wall for storage. It is the best way to use a small space.

If you use your bedroom as your living room then a Murphy bad is the best bed to have since you can hide it during the day when you are up and want to use the space for other things. But the placement of the Murphy bed can be important to consider. You don’t want to put a Murphy bed in a spot where you have to move a lot of stuff to access your Murphy bed. The Murphy bed should be placed in a spot that is open and the less things to move to open your Murphy bed the better. A walkway that is not used during sleeping hours is a good place to put a Murphy bed since you will not be using that walkway when you are sleeping anyway. A large wall is also needed for a Murphy bed since you do not want your Murphy bed hanging in front of a window or door. Don’t put a Murphy bed in a spot that would make it difficult to get to the bathroom in the night or out of the home in the event of a fire.

Installing a Murphy bed is fairly simple. First you put the Murphy bed together if it is not already put together. If you have instructions then it is a good idea to follow them.

Mounting the Murphy bed is easier then most people think since all you need is some muscle, a ladder, a stud finder, and a drill. Finding the studs is very important since the Murphy bed does need a sturdy mounting to be attached too. Find the studs and the hard part is done. It is best to have at least three studs to attach your Murphy bed too. You can use a colored chalk to tell you where the studs are located and make the actual mounting easier. Once you have located the studs you can begin to mount the Murphy bed.

If you are lucky enough to have instructions then follow them. If you want to see more about installing a Murphy bed in your home you can go to This is a good site to go to and learn about installing a Murphy bed. They also have a good selection of Murphy beds and Walls beds.

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