Comparison of Outdoor Grills-$500.00 To $1,000.00

What a long way we have come when it comes to backyard cooking. I remember a time when you bought a charcoal grill from the local supermarket, threw in a bag of charcoal and lit a match. Today, backyard grills can be bigger than the kitchens in some small apartments. They have turned into a big investment and you have to find one that fits your budget and your yard. The biggest are great and they do make a good impression, but you do want room to do other things also. The ones we will look at here are more in the middle price range, and most in this price range are propane gas grills, with natural gas just starting at this price. There is also one top of the line charcoal grill. So if one of them tickles your fancy, go and take a look. But make sure to do your comparison shopping. Don’t buy from the first place you see. The internet makes this so easy. In a matter of a half hour, you can go to on line shopping sites as well as sites for conventional stores and pick the best price right away. Try to buy before summer. The demand will be higher then and you will less likely to get a good price.

Propane Gas Grills
Weber Genesis Platinum C Liquid Propane Outdoor Grill – 6780001 Suggested Price is about $770.00
This one features a large 611 sq. in. cooking area, is stainless steel and you can roll it away easily. There is a good sized warming tray and fold away work shelves.

FD26LKEC Frigidaire 26″ Gas Grill & Cart – Liquid Propane – Stainless Steel Suggested Price is about $660.00
This one is a bit smaller than the Weber with a cooking surface of 529 sq. in. It is square rather than rectangle like the Weber, making it easy to store in small spaces and it can also be installed as a built in .

Natural Gas Grills
545 Ducane 3 Burner Gas Grill & Cart with Side Burner – Natural Gas – Black Base Suggested price is $749.00
Ducane grills have a very distinct shape, with a narrow base and no storage underneath, but they are the most reasonablely priced natural gas grills. It has a cooking area of 545 inches

Charcoal Grills
For the traditionalists who still like to use charcoal, this is the top price range and Weber has a whopper.
Weber Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill – 60020 suggested price $ 999.00
This one has a huge cooking area: 1,104 sq. in., is round and easy to store. It also has a removable ash catcher for easy clean up.

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