Add an Outdoor Shower for All-Year-Round Use

No matter where your home is whether by the beach, or by the lake, or by the dessert, in the suburb, in the farm or anywhere else, adding an outdoor shower can add functionality and fun to your outdoors.

Here are some uses for an outdoor shower:

1) If you have a swimming pool or spa, you would not want to jump right into the water, you would need to rinse off and then jump into the pool so that you can keep your pool clean. This is especially advantageous when you have kids and they are in and out of the pool. You can maintain your pool or spa clean by having them rinse off first. If you have an outdoor shower, they do not have to go in and out of your house dripping wet to accomplish this. You can also rinse off after swimming to remove chlorinated water off your body.

2) Take a quick refresher shower on a hot summer day. This is good if it is very hot outside, you take a quick shower to freshen up. You will feel fresher after showering outside on a hot summer day.

3) Post yard work clean up. If you have been working outside doing yard work and gardening and you do not want to bring your soil in, you can wash yourself right outside by using your outdoor shower. You can do this all year round because there are outdoor showers that can attach to your hot and cold water spigots.

4) Bathing pets. If you have pets and you have no place to bath them outside, if you have an outdoor shower, you can give them a bath right there and then. Not only can you save your house from their shedding hair and dripping water all over, you can have them dry themselves outside.

5) After any sports or outdoor activities. If your have kids and they just came home after a game of soccer or football and they are all muddy and soiled, you can have them take a shower outside first before coming in. this can help keep the dirt and germs out of your home. Similarly, if you have been walking by the beach, instead of bringing in the sand home, take a shower outside.

An outdoor shower is easy to install; it can easily hook up to an outdoor hose spigot. You can buy an affordable ready to assemble outdoor shower that you can adjust the shower height. Some showerhead can adjust from 77Ã?½” to a maximum height of 83Ã?½”. They can be easily assembled using a screwdriver. Simply connect the shower hose to an outdoor spigot. For a warm-water shower, use a hose splitter to attach the shower to a hot water spigot and a cold water spigot. Attach the output of the hose splitter to the shower’s input, and regulate the temperature at the source. You can put a privacy screen around as well as add tropical foliages to achieve a rainforest look.

Hopefully you will get inspired by this article and get yourself an outdoor shower, your family and guests will love it and so will your pets.

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