Addicted to Febreze Fabric Refresher: Why I Love it and Where I Use It

I used to be addicted to dryer sheets. I just loved the way clothes and sheets and pillow cases would smell after using a dryer sheet. However, the smell would only last a short time and I wouldn’t get it back until the next time I washed my sheets. When my mom first bought Febreze, I thought it was interesting but never really looked at it. Then one day my dog came into the house wet and got his bed all stinky. I didn’t want to wash this since it wasn’t really dirty, just a little smelly. I pulled out the Febreze Fabric Refresher, sprayed it on the pillow, and as it dried I could already smell an improvement!

Eliminating bad odors
Some products like this simply mask the bad odor, and once the product wears off you smell the bad odor again. However, Febreze effectively eliminates the odors. Even long after the product has worn off. The pillow, blanket, whatever just smells better and cleaner.

Providing a new better odor
Febreze doesn’t just take away the odor, but it leaves a nice scent. The one we have now is “blossoms and breeze”. I’m not sure how many scents they have as we usually just buy the first thing we see. The scent not only makes the fabric smell good, but also makes the whole area smell good. You could make the whole room smell good just by spraying the furniture that is in that room. This scent is noticeable for a few hours. After that you can smell it as you lay on or use the area you sprayed for a few days. Eventually it wheres off and you can spray your fabric again!

How to Use
It’s simple, find something smelly (not dirty – just smelly) and spray! Spray it to completely cover the fabric without soaking the fabric. A few sprays can do your pillows, a few more for your mattress, and you are going to have a great nights sleep!

Of course, you don’t just spray right before you are about to use the fabric, you have to let it dry. So I find it’s best to spray things in the morning, or when you know you won’t be sitting/laying on the fabric for a few hours. It dries pretty quickly, but you would be better safe than sorry.

Where to Use
Here are a few places I consistently use Febreze:

-On my mattress/pillows as mentioned a few times already. I spray my pillows probably once a week, and also use it on my mattress whenever I wash my sheets. I also spray my bedspread since that is something you can’t watch as often as you would like.

-On my unworn clothes – I will spray any clothes that are put away for a long time such as winter clothes in the summer. This just helps prevent the musty smell that happens over the summer.

-On smoky clothes – I hate smoke! and I hate having to wash the smoke out of my coat and scarf every time I come back from a smoky place. Febreze has made this easier for me since now I can just spray the fabric with Febreze and the next morning my coat and scarf are usually smelling like new.

-On couches – You can’t watch your couch all that often without pulling out a special washer and then leaving them to sit and dry for hours and hours. Now you can spray your couches and keep them smelling great in-between washes.

Febreze can be found at Target and a lot of other local stores. Buying this little spray bottle will definitely freshen up your life! Whenever something smells a little musty or smoky, or if you have company coming over to your house, you can freshen it up with just a few sprays! It’s easy to get addicted to the good smell of Febreze, but at least it’s a good addiction. It just means my house will smell extra-fresh all the time! Enjoy.

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