The Peaceful Home

The making of a peaceful home, begins each day.

The way that you begin each day will help you to maintain a peaceful home each day. So what I am going to do is explain the purposes of good housekeeping.

To begin with, when you first wake up in the morning before you do anything else, you need to make your bed. If your married your spouse can help, that makes it easier. When your bed is neatly made and the pillows all back on the bed, it gives you a sense of order. Even if the rest of the room is still a little messy.

Now after your bed is made, you need to get your showers, changed and dressed. Then clean the bathroom. Make everything neat and orderly, clean the tub, put any dirty laundry into the washer, do a general straightening up. (you can do any major cleaning later if needed, this is just to maintain a bathroom that is already in order).

*Note it is easier to maintain than it is to put things into order that are very much scattered and out of order.

Okay, next after that the bathroom is done, what you should do is go eat a good breakfast. You need to make your breakfast your biggest meal of the day. (Especially if you are trying to loose weight).

*Note, as a time saver, you can make breakfast the night before in your crockpot, check out some of the crockpot recipes online.

After your breakfast would be a great time to get the kitchen completely cleaned up. And to make any salad’s or jello or any other item you may use for lunch or supper later on. (this will save you time later on during the day). Decide as early as possible what’s for dinner. This will save you having to think of something later on. And possibly save you from just giving up, and ordering some type of fast food.

*Note, being prepared for lunch and supper can save you money later on in the day, when you are more likely to be more tired.

After your kitchen is cleaned the next area that you should do is whatever area unexpected company is likely to see first. Such as your livingroom, if you have already cleaned and organized it previously, this will be a simple matter of just a little dusting as needed, vaccumming opening curtains, picking up anything anyone has left in the livingroom the night before.

*Note this is a good reason to be organized. Because by being organized you save yourself hours of work. To maintain the average livingroom that is already organized should take no more than five or ten minutes. (Except on days when you may decide to do a deeper cleaning. Like washing windows, curtains,furniture coverings, etc).

After you have made sure your livingroom is presentable it is time to make sure your entry way is neat and clean. If you have a front porch, or sidewalk take time to sweep it, after that has been done pick up any trash that has blown into your yard overnight if any.

Now that all the above is done go thru and get any laundry done and put away neatly. Also work on any rooms that need to be cleaned, try to completely clean and organize one room before lunchtime. Without junking up another area.

Then after lunch make sure to remember to reclean the kitchen completely. This will save you time when it gets closer to supper time.

Now would also be a good time to take off any trash if you have not done so before hand.

After the kitchen is cleaned up and you have whatever is needed for supper set out, such as any plates or cups etc. So you don’t have to worry with that later. Just desinate a clean countertop area for that, so your table stays clear. A clean neat orderly home makes for a pleasant home, because if your home is kept clean, neat and orderly you will be more likely to invite friends over to visit. And you will have more time to do things other than housework.

*Note, when someone has a very messy house they are unlikely to want to have company over, not to mention have time for much more than cleaning.

A clean orderly home is not only pleasant it is peaceful and comfortable, and makes like a lot more easy.

Just thought I would share with you today a way to get into a more pleasant lifestyle.

Remember though this is a schedule designed to be a starter schedule, which means that once all of your rooms are clean neat and orderly you won’t have as much to do before luch each day. You will likely find you are able to maintain using only about thirty minutes a day, not counting laundry days, or kitchen clean up’s.

Kitchen work, cooking, cleaning etc, will take a bit longer. (If you did not have to eat it would not take so long to keep up) Same for laundry. laundry would not take so long if we did not need to change clothes as often as we do. Then if anyone else is in the home laundry just increases. So just worry about what you can fix or maintain each day, because some things are just going to have to wait, unless you really like doing laundry every day.

Now for some families not doing laundry every day can cause a mountain of laundry. I would highly suggest if it is affordable for your family to just hire someone to do the laundry for you that will save you a lot of time, if the laundrymat is not to far away. This way you don’t get behind on laundry and you have time to work on other household projects. Or to run a home business, or whatever it is you would rather be doing than laundry.

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