Unique Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Care: Housecleaning can be a task we often put off. We feel like it is a real chore, when really, there are a few simple ways to get it done. They may seem a little odd, but the best ideas usually are. (How else do you think your favorite Aunt kept her house so good looking, with all those kids running through it? Because after all, she had other things to do besides clean all day.)

Let’s discuss an area that can make a clean room look cleaner, or worse, still dirty. That area would be the floors. They are walked on, spilled on, and serve as a catch-all for pretty much anything. Especially carpets, which can be in even worse condition. If removing them is not an option, nor is covering the whole thing with rugs, here are three simple techniques to make keeping it cleaner, easier.

Tip 1. A tape roller lint brush works great on stairs and in the corners. In a pinch, wrap masking tape around your hand a few times. The attachments you have don’t always reach where they are needed most. They may be missing. Whatever the case may be, go over those hard to reach areas as you would with a vacuum. Run the brush in several directions. Just as the tape gets hair off of your clothes, it does an equally fine job on carpets.

Tip 2. Use an iron and plain paper towels to remove candle wax. If your paper towels have printed designs, use notebook or typing paper. You will also need a butter knife.
After scraping the big pieces out of the way, some wax will still be embedded in the fibers. The heat from the iron will pull a great deal of it up and out. The paper will trap it. Use a medium to hot setting (no steam) and place the paper down on the wax. With firm, even pressure, hold the iron on the paper a few seconds then remove it. Continue, changing the paper as it soaks up the wax. (It is important to get the wax out of your carpet but not at the expense of your iron.) Once the paper comes up clean, there is no more wax in the carpet. There may be a little color left, in which case it is the actual dye from the candle, and that would better be tackled by a professional. (Professional cleaning is also advised for heirloom carpets and rugs.)

Tip 3. In lieu of store brand carpet freshener, baking soda is a great substitute. Its leaves a light clean scent, and absorbs odor. Simply shake it onto your carpet as you would the store brand, and vacuum as usual. It works because it neutralizes the odors, instead of covering them up.

These are a few ways to care for your carpet. Don’t be afraid seek advice from places outside the regular retailers for ideas. Things you already have may work just as well, if not better, than products you see in commercials. By trying alternative methods, you can effectively keep your carpets cleaner, longer. Just ask that cool Aunt of yours.

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