How to Match Home Accessories to Paint Colors Every Time

You see a set of curtains you like or a new bedspread. But will it really match your new paint color? Save time and money by always having your paint chips handy. This can be extremely useful when purchasing a new home, renovating an entire home, or redecorating and entire house. It may be easy to remember the exact color of one room, but what about six or eight rooms?

Another reason to keep paint color chips with you is that the best way to match colors for home decor is to see the colors together physically. When comparing the blue in a comforter to your memory of the blue on the wall, the hues may not match up.

How to Match Home Accessories to Paint Colors Every Time

1. Buy a Small, Pocket-Sized Notebook

I found a small Wonder Woman notebook at Ocean State Joblot for $1. It has a flip top, making it easy to find the pages I need.

2. Collect Two Sets of Paint Color Chips

Keep one set of colors in each room at home, in a home improvement binder. Cut out the other colors and glue them into the notebook. Give each room its own page. If you use the same color in more than one room, place them on a double-page spread vertically. Or simply grab an extra paint chip from the home improvement store.

3. Use a Free Paint Color Matching Service

You may have your interior paint colors done, but you can still use a free, paint color matching service to find home accessory colors. If you know the brand and color of your paint, which you will if you just did the room, look up the color. Use the service to find complementary paint colors. Those complementary colors will also work when they are the colors of rugs, towels or curtains.

Print the color if you have an accurate color printer. Or, go to the home improvement store and pick up an actual paint swatch in the colors which will work with your room colors.

4. Keep With You While Shopping

Because it seemed that we were always between Home Depot, our old house and our new house, I kept my paint color notebook with me at all times. This came in handy on days when I thought I would just be painting but needed to run to the store for something.

5. Hold and Compare

By having the notebook with me at all times, I was able to easily find the right colors for rugs, curtains and even flooring for the kitchen. It also made it easier to see which home decor accessories or home improvement items would not work, based on color.

More Ways to Use the Paint Colors Notebook

6. Measure by Measure

It was also easy keep track of other essential home decor information in my notebook, in addition to paint colors. In my handy notebook I also listed information about the number of windows in each room, as well as their width and height.

There were specific measurements for the kitchen floor, which was going to be re-done.

One another page was a list of the number of electric plate outlets that needed to be replaced and the shapes of non-standard light switch plates.

7. Prices

The home decor notebook also housed other important information about prices of home improvement appliances and accessories. It made it easier to comparison shop when all of the information about location and prices was in one notebook. My notebook still includes details about ceiling fans and prices, for example. When we are ready to buy ceiling fans, I have my comparison shopping already done.

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