Adsense and the PLR Website Craze

One of the hottest trends within the IM world is the PLR articles and full Adsense integrated websites which are literally bursting from the seams of the internet.

There are membership sites springing up every day with their own special twist on the PLR craze. Some sites are narrowly focused on tight niches, such as health related, while others are going for multple niches and some are now rolling out Adsense sites with video included.

Other member sites are “article only” sites, where the members get upwards of 200 PLR articles per month, with keywords included.

Talk about a buyers market….

PLR articles and PLR Adsense Ready sites are loved by some, and loathed by others. Just which side of the fence you’re sitting on will depend on a couple of things. First, your view on PLR in general, and secondly, your personal ideas on how PLR is to be used.

PLR loathers tend to view the use of PLR to be a “cheapening and cheating” tactic. Most PLR Loathers think that the use of PLR articles is flooding the internet with the same old info with each use, and that the people who use it are just plain “cheating” the Adsense program.

On the other hand, the PLR Lovers are there saying it’s the way that the PLR resources are used that can be bad, but if used correctly there’s nothing but good in it.

As for me, I’m on the “PLR is good if you use it correctly” side of the fence. It may be that most people aren’t familiar with a three sided fence, but believe me, fences can have just as many sides as there are opinions.

To get the full benefit of PLR articles and/or Ready sites, you have to put some work into them before you upload them. Simply adding your adsense ID and flinging them up on the net just isn’t going to give you the results you want. As a matter of fact, it’s my opinion that’s where the Loathers
evolved from. Anytime a resource is used incorrectly and the user gets unsatisfactory results, you’re going to get newly created Loathers from the experience. Sad but true.

You’d be amazed at the differences you’ll see in your Adsense income if you simply take the time to alter the PLR article/site and present it in a different way.

Key items to pay special attention to are as follows:

Change the Title of each of the articles/sites. This would seem to many to be a no brainer, but I have seen more people leave the titles (as well as the body text) of PLR articles and simply slap their resource box at the bottom, or in case of the PLR sites, just put in their Adsense ID. This practice alone is a major cause in article directories banning the submission of all PLR materials.

Change target keywords for each article. By expanding the keywords for the pages, you can assure yourself of decreasing the chances of getting pegged as a “me too” PLR site.

Pay close attention that you get your keywords in the title tags and in the meta tag description. Your keywords should also be put into the heading between H1 tags.

Break up the articles by using your Adsense code in a rectangular code box placed withing the article. You can also make use of a server side include to place small text adverts or small image ads.

By using SSI code you can make your PLR articles look different to the search engines from the other sites which have the same PLR articles.

The same goes with the PLR Adsense ready sites. By taking the content and placing it in a new template, you have effectively changed the site. Now add to this an RSS feed and use an SSI code to add further change and you have a completely different site from all the other Joes who bought the same PLR as you did.

PLR resources aren’t about cheating or getting one over on anyone else, it’s about working smarter. By adding these changes to your PLR articles and Ready sites, you too can bump up your Adsense income, while working smarter.

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