Air Conditioning Air Filters – How to Clean Air Conditioning Filters

In order to ensure proper functioning of the air conditioners, you should make proper arrangements to be sure that the air conditioning air filters are matching with the unit and it is clean. The air filters are mainly used to help provide a cleaner environment and protect us from dust allergies. The main intention of using air conditioning filters is to keep the components of the air conditioner clean.

A air filter has many ill effects such as, they have reduced level of cooling and heating, they lead to the failure of the compressor, they increase the blower power consumption level, the equipments with dirty filter has a shorter life.

We should clean the conditioner air filters at least once in two months for home applications and within 2 weeks in an office environment. We shouldn’t wait for the entire filter to be filled with dust and then clean it. If you find that the fiberglass is coated with dust then you can be sure that it is time to clean the air filter or even replace it.

The size of the air conditioning air filters would be 1.5 square feet of filter for a capacity of one ton. There are many types of air filters available – fiberglass filters, mesh filters, electrostatic filters and the electronic filters.

The fiberglass filters are mainly used in residences. They have a low cost with low efficiency too. These are coated with adhesives to collect dust. When this filter is being cleaned, the adhesive is also removed along with the dust and the filter becomes useless.

The mesh filter is permanent air filters made of aluminum mesh can be cleaned and dried easily. The electrostatic filter uses the idea that the air movement via the filter generates static charge and collects the dust particles.

The electronic filters use the electrical power for filtering the air and they are also a form of permanent filter. The main aspect that has to be considered while choosing an air conditioning filter are that the duct from which the air returns are sealed thoroughly from the air leak or else the unfiltered air will enter the stream of air.

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