Quik Brite LED Lights Not Worth the Money

Let me start out by saying I absolutely love the house we bought last fall. But, one of the major complaints I have is the lack of electrical outlets; especially in our hallway.

Since my daughter is still trying to perfect the whole going potty thing, we were in a major need of some sort of night light for her to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Like I mentioned before, there are no outlets in our hallway and the electrical outlet in the bathroom only works if you have the bathroom light on; something that isn’t practical considering she can’t quite reach the light switch and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having her standing on a step stool when she’s still half asleep.

After searching for months for a solution, we came across a pack of Quik Brite LED Lights and couldn’t resist buying them; both because we got 10 in the box and because they ran on batteries and didn’t need to be plugged in.

Even though they did solve our problem, I still feel we wasted our money.

The two touch-lights in the box worked perfectly for what we needed. We have one right behind her potty chair and she knows how to turn it on and off when she needs it and they emit enough light for her to see without blinding her. We have a second one in the hallway for emergencies. It’s the other 8 that we have yet to find a practical use for.

Rather than working as a touch light, the remaining 8 lights come with a magnet. When the magnet is kept close to the light, it shuts off. When the magnet is taken away, the light turns on. The idea behind it is you use it on cupboards, closets and drawers and, in theory, it’s a good idea. In reality, they just don’t work as well as they should.

First, for the light to turn off, you have to have the magnet within an inch of it. We found that the bulk of our cupboards do not give us that option. We could do it, but the doors won’t close very well.

The sticky tape on the back of the lights also doesn’t work that well. I have two in our pantry (one of the few places I could use the lights) and, each morning, I find one on the floor because it fell off the wall. And, since they are separated from the magnet, they stay lit the whole time; draining the batteries.

As of right now, the 6 remaining lights are still in the box and I’m seriously thinking about returning them for my money back. For what I paid for those, a simple touch light would work just as well and cost me about $10 less.

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