I Love My Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

My family uses many different types of products on a daily basis. For cleaning, I am a fan of anything that lessens my work. After much search, I finally found a product that can make my job easier. I am a huge fan of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

When I first saw the product advertise on television, I was very doubtful. The claim was that you only needed to use water. I had wondered how the Mr. Clean magic Eraser could clean soap scum and cut grease with only water. My curiosity decided to buy one and find out! It was true! I placed the Eraser under water and went to work.

I use my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the bathroom to clean the tub. It works wonders on soap scum. I use it in the kitchen around the sink and on the stovetop. I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the walls and table to remove crayon marks. It works great on the floors to take off scuffmarks.

Not only does my home stay stocked with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but I also use them at work. I am a teacher and I use one everyday. They are wonderful Erasers to use to wipe-off dry erase boards. They seem to leave a cleaner look and erase better than standard erasers. For this use, I do not use water. I use a dry Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

I also use them on the tabletop. I teach in a kindergarten classroom, and the tables are often covered with crayons marks and dried glue. When doing this cleaning, I first spray a disinfectant to kill germs and leave a fresh scent in the room. I then scrub the table with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The glue comes off very easily. The eraser also takes off any tape residue left from nametags.

I love my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I keep a fresh box at my house and at my school. At the beginning of the year, I put Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on my school classroom wish list. I usually have parents that will send a couple of boxes to me. They work great and should be in every home that has scuffmarks, soap scum, crayon drawings, or glue residue.

Since the original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Mr. Clean has also created a super strength eraser and an eraser with a scrubber sponge. I have tried both of these but I prefer to stick with my original!

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