Electric Range Glass Cook Top Cleaner

An electric range with burners sealed by a glass cook top is extremely easy to clean. Although smooth electric range cook tops are nothing new, modern day electric range cook tops are much more durable and stain resistant than electric range cook tops of the past. Gone are the days of stained cook tops that are impossible to clean. Electric range glass cook tops are the easiest range tops to keep clean, and glass cook tops will stay in perfect condition as long as they are properly cleaned and cared for. Cleaning a glass cook top is almost effortless, and with the right glass cook top cleaner, the glass cook top of your smooth top electric range will stay looking new for as long as you own your stove.

Glass Cook Top Cleaner

Glass cook top cleaner is necessary to keep a glass cook top clean and shiny, but it isn’t necessary to purchase glass cook top cleaner from the appliance dealer. Glass cook top cleaner is usually more expensive when purchased from appliance retailers. Most discount stores sell glass cook top cleaner, and the cost is generally less than $6.00 a bottle for the leading brand. The bottle lasts a long time, and it’s well worth the price. Cleaning a glass cook top by simply using a dishrag isn’t nearly as effective.

Not only does glass cook top cleaner clean the glass on a smooth top electric range, but it also shines and protects. Glass cook top cleaner won’t scratch the glass, and it helps polish off burned on food that would otherwise be very difficult to remove. The leading brand of glass cook top cleaner is recommended for all major brands of glass cook tops.

Directions for Using Glass Cook Top Cleaner

Electric range glass cook top cleaner is used much like polish. According to Weiman®, which claims to be the number 1 rated brand of glass cook top cleaner, their product should be used as follows.

The glass cook top surface should be completely cool before cleaning, and glass ceramic cook tops should be scraped free of burned on crust by using a scraping blade. I suggest only using a scraping blade that is deemed safe for your particular cook top, but I personally would never scrape my glass cook top with anything. If there is something stuck on, I simply dampen a dishcloth and go over the area to soften the burned on food.

To begin cleaning your electric range glass cook top, shake the glass cook top cleaner well, and apply a moderate amount to the surface of the glass cook top. Rub the glass cook top with clean dry paper towels or a rag. Never use anything abrasive that would scratch your glass cook top. I have found that dry paper towels are the most effective at cleaning my glass cook top.

Lastly, remove any excess glass cook top cleaner with additional paper towels, and buff the clean glass cook top to a brilliant shine. I sometimes have a hard time removing flakes of dried cook top cleaner. To remove flakes of dried glass cook top cleaner I simply wipe the top with a clean damp cloth, and I buff my glass cook top with dry paper toweling.

Product directions say to use glass cook top cleaner daily, but I don’t find this necessary. I cook on my electric range glass cook top on a daily basis, and I polish it using glass cook top cleaner about once a week. On most occasions I remove any grease spatter with a dry paper towel, and I wipe the cook top with a damp soapy dishcloth. Glass cook top cleaner manufacturers would prefer you apply electric range glass cook top cleaner on a daily basis for obvious reasons. The more glass cook top cleaner people use, the more they sell. If you need to clean your electric range glass cook top on a daily basis with glass cook top cleaner, then by all means do so, but it’s usually not necessary unless the electric range glass cook top becomes exceptionally dirty after every use.


Do not use glass cook top cleaner on any other part of your electric range. Glass cook top cleaner will scratch plastic. The back splash of many electric ranges is comprised of high polished plastic. The most effective way to clean the back splash of an electric range is with a dishcloth or sponge and hot soapy water. Glass cook top cleaner is only for certain types of glass surfaces.

Weiman® glass cook top cleaner contains isopropyl alcohol, silica, and detergents, and contact with the eyes should be avoided. If this product does get into the eyes, the eyes should be flushed with clear water for approximately 15 minutes. Medical treatment should be sought if discomfort persists.

For more information on Weiman® glass cook top cleaner, contact the Herbert Stanley Company, LLC at 1-800-837-8140 or visit their website at http://www.weiman.com for additional information on cleaning and caring for electric range glass cook tops.

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