Air Wick Fresh Matic – Your Long Lasting Scent Solution

I am like many people out there. I like to have a clean house but on top of it being clean what I really enjoy is a nice fresh or pretty scent in the house. Cleaning the house of course makes it clean, and it looks good, but the smell is the scent of cleaners not the scent of something really nice and inviting.

I have used many air freshener’s in my efforts to have that nice inviting scent in the house. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of air freshener’s out there, but the problem I found was finding one that had a lasting scent.

Air Wick offers a variety of scents in an aerosol can. I tried several of the scents they have to offer. I sprayed it around the house, and although the ones I tried smelled really nice the smell did not last but only a few minutes. I was looking for something that would have a long lasting smell, not something that I have to continue to spray every few minutes in order to have the scent remain.

Renuzit also has a nice selection of air freshener’s to choose from but, I found the same problem with the aerosol sprays. The scents to choose from were nice but once they were sprayed the scent did not last long, just long enough to enjoy it for a few minutes and then it was gone. I tried the Renuzit adjustable, placing one in each room. I found these to smell really nice but the scent didn’t really spread out around the room, it smelled nice near the area where the air freshener was placed but it didn’t emit it’s scent far from itself. The other problem that I found is that they dried up quickly with the heat in the house.

Glade offers an aerosol spray also. I found that Glade had the largest variety of scents to choose from, everything from lilac to cinnamon sticks. I found many scents that I really liked in this brand, but once again no long lasting scent. Glade came out with a new product called Glade air infusions. This product has several scents to choose from and the scent lasts for about an hour after being sprayed.

In my search for that long lasting scent the Glade Infusions seemed to offer the longest lasting scent. I had been using this product and enjoying it much more than the others. That is until I found an awesome deal at Shaw’s Supermarket. I happened to be doing some shopping and found a bin full of items that had been marked as clearance items at 50% off, to make room for a new product line. In that bin I found a product called Air Wick Fresh Matic. This is an automatic spray air freshener. The product consists of an automatic unit that you place a can of the fragrance spray into. There is a special one designed for this product. The unit runs on two AA batteries. The best part about this product is that it can be set to spray at different intervals.

It offers three time settings of nine, eighteen, or thirty six minutes. The sprays for these are also long lasting. One can lasts up to sixty days when set on the thirty six minute spray setting. These are really convenient as the unit is designed so that it can sit on a shelf or hang on a wall. This product does not offer nearly as many scents as other varieties do, but it does provide all day freshening as it sprays at the intervals you set it at throughout the day. I did find a scent that I like in this product and absolutely love the convenience of it, not to mention that I finally found a product that offers freshness all day. So if you are like me and desire that constant fresh smell, you should definitely give the Air Wick Fresh Matic a try!!.

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