Build Your Own Shish Kebab Pit

If you’re looking for a unique barbecue experience, then nothing beats a shish kebab barbecue grilling pit. This easy to install barbecue grilling area can make any backyard barbecue event a hit. With these simple to follow instructions and advice you can easily build your own shish kebab barbecue grilling pit.

Deciding upon a Location

When choosing a location for your Mongolian style shish kebab barbecue grill pit, you need to ensure that you are at least 25 feet from any dwelling. Be sure no tree branches are over the pit so you don’t accidently create the potential for a fire. Choose a location that is free and clear from dry plant material and you can be sure your shish kebab party will go off without a hitch.

Digging the Pit

You will need to clear an area to the soil at least 12″ to accommodate the grilling kebabs. The length of the pit can be chosen by the number of guests you plan to entertain. Create a level spot 12″ by the length of your shish kebab pit. You should dig a three foot wide pit for every two guests you plan on serving. Dig the pit to a depth of four inches from ground level.

Installing the Bricks

Install the bricks at the edge of the pit. Create a level zone around the pit so that the bricks will be flat as possible for the shish kebab skewers. Dampen the earth around the brick to ensure they stay put during the shish kebab roast. Use the shovel to square the edges of the soil to create a perfect box-shaped pit.

Starting the Fire

You will need to line the pit with charcoal briquettes to a depth of 2″, or other cooking fuel grade wood. Continue adding charcoal or wood until there is a two inch layer of white ash on the bottom of the coals. The kebabs fire will then be ready for your shish kebab party.

Setting the table

Lay out blankets around the fire pit. Add comfortable pillows, bean bags or other lay-down soft furniture’s to enhance the kebab party. Set your favorite sliced pork, beef, lamb and chicken on dishes around the fire. Vegetables, fruits and spices should be placed in spate serving bowls. Sauces and other condiments should complement your food selection accordingly. Place your skewers, dishes and other cutlery at hand so guests can create their own kebab masterpieces while relaxing around the fire.

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