Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Versus Renuzit Adjustable Cones

Smoke was the prevalent stench when I first entered the rental duplex that would be my first home for three years. Granted, it was a magnificent place for a beginner: 1,100 square feet, fairly large rooms, two bathrooms…but I knew I had to do something about the previous owners’ calling card. They were heavy smokers and the smell seemingly attached itself to every possible orifice and square footage possible. As a novice shopper, I decided Air Wick’s Freshmatic Automatic Spray would be up the challenge. I was right. But I was also so very wrong.

Sometimes there exists too much of a good thing. The price of the plug-in unit chastened me somewhat. The oils themselves, which were refillable, were a relatively cheap $3.49 at the local CVS. The starter “kit” was an eye-popping $18. I figured it was a small price to pay to counteract the smell of cigarette smoke. After installing the unit in the dining room, I was delighted by the option of how often the unit would send out a burst of citrus scent. Believing my smoke odor was cause for a heavy dose, I set it to once every nine minutes. What a large mistake.

The scent of citrus can be somewhat gratifying, but it can also be overwhelming. Upon waking up the next morning, I truly wished I used one of the other two settings; Airwick allows the option of a plume of fragrance once every 18 or 36 minutes as well. The house was now overpowered by the scent of cigarettes and a lemony odor that can best be described as Sprite on caffeine pills. Being a great appreciator of scents, even I knew this was too much. Setting the Airwick scented plug-in in close proximity to the dining room table was a poor idea. After resetting the plug-in for the longest amount of time, it was still excessive for a duplex of 1,100 square feet. The end result for me was a sinus infection and $18 down the proverbial drain.

Does this mean one should never use this item? No. With proper ventillation and a larger surface area, Air Wick’s Freshmatic Automatic Spray will deliver as promised. A larger home would greatly benefit from the scent of citrus, and after the initial purchase of the kit, the refills are a decent bargain. Each refill will last approximately two months if the timer is set to spray once every 36 minutes. However, if you live in a home with a smaller surface area, or have children and pets, you may leave this item on the shelf at CVS. The spray has a tendency of leaving an ugly residue on the wall due to constant spraying, and since most plug outlets are low to the floor, this would cause a hazard for young ones and furry friends.

Upon leaving the duplex for my new home, I knew the name to trust for a decent prolonged but not overpowering scent. My newer digs are 1,700 square feet and I have been tempted to retry Airwick’s scented oils, but the first experience with this product has left a sour taste in my mouth…maybe even a citrus-tainted aversion. Now I always stick to a simply overlooked product to make my home smell aromatic: Renuzit’s Adjustable Cones. The Apple and Cinnamon variety remains perfect for all times of the year and simply never seems to go out of season. Like any other scented item, the closer you are to its proximity the stronger the scent. But unlike the scented oils, the Renuzit Adjustable cones do not have to be plugged in and can be placed out of harms way. Top shelf storage is appropriate since it is away from baby’s inquisitive hands and doggy’s curious snooping. Leaving the cone open approximately an inch invites a pleasant and light scent of Apples and Cinnamon that will not offend. Much like Airwick’s well advertised claim, the Adjustable Cone will also last approximately 2 months.

The perfect irony exists here that should not go unacknowledged. Sometimes, the original creation is far better than the new-fangled gizmos that assault the senses as well as your wallet. The Renuzit Adjustable Cone comes in many different scents and only costs $1 at most retailers. This is a far cry from the $18 start-up kit that Airwick presents, plus the $3.49 for every refill. And of course if you are like me, this leaves out the cost of sinus infection medication due to Airwick’s aromatic overkill.

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