How to Use Hairspray: For Crafters

Almost every women has a can of cheap hairspray lingering around. If you don’t, then you need to pick up a can on your next shopping trip. The most useful hairspray is the cheapest, and aerosol cans are the best. If your a crafter then you know just how expensive specialty products can cost. In the long run, a cheap can of hairspray can save you a bundle.

Hairspray flower preserve.
Flowers such as Baby’s Breath and Cattails look beautiful in natural flower arrangements. However the delicate flowers are very brittle, and prone to falling apart with the lightest bump. Preserving these flowers are easy, and cheaper then you think. First you will want to dry the flower out. There are several drying techniques, and everyone has their own preference. Hanging the flower upside down near a window works great, and in about 2 weeks the flower will be dried out, and ready to arrange. Once the flower is dried out, simply spray a light coat of cheap hairspray on it. Be sure to hold the can about 8 inches from the flower, and coat it as if you were spray painting it. Allow the first coat to dry, which will take about 15 minutes, and apply a second coat. Allow the second coat to dry, then apply a third and final coat. TIP: Be sure to spray the top, sides, and bottoms of the flower for the best result.

Remove ink stains.
If you like scrap-booking, or making your own greeting cards chances are you work with stamps, and ink pads. If you get ink on your clothes, or table cloth there is no need to panic. Simply place 5 or 6 napkins under the stained cloth. Next spray a thick coat of hairspray on the stain (enough to soak the stain). Allow the hairspray to set for 30 seconds and using another napkin, blot the ink spot. Continue doing this process until the stain is completely gone. TIP: Be sure to chance out the napkins on the bottom if they become soaked with ink. You can also spay hairspray on a Q-Tip (enough to soak it) and use it to wipe down rubber stamps, to remove left over ink.

Chalkboard protecting.
Maybe you sell your crafts, or make small decorative chalkboards. It doesn’t matter how good your writing looks, chalk smears with the first touch. To protect your chalk writing simply spay a light coat of hairspray over the chalk. You will need to hold the can at least 12 inches from the board when you do so. Allow the hairspray to dry, and apply a second, then third coat. The trick is perfect for anyone who uses a chalk board to advertise their store front, or in store specials. TIP: to remove the chalk with ease, use a cloth dampened in hot water.

Removing glue.
What crafter hasn’t spilled a little Elmer’s glue, or craft glue before? Hairspray works great removing craft glue, as well as wood glue, and fabric glue. The hairspray actually breaks down the glue, which dissolves it. To remove dried glue, soak the spot in hairspray. After one minute blot the spot. continue this step until the dried glue is completely gone. TIP: This works great for removing gemstones, lace, and beads from craft projects.

Even though it isn’t really part of crafting, hairspray also works on killing some bugs. However, do not be fooled by everything you hear. Even though spiders find hairspray to be deadly, bee’s do not, at least not instantly. Spraying a wasp nest or bee hive with hairspray is a painful mistake. Bee hives, and wasp nest usually are usually occupied by more then one of these pesky critters. In order for you to get close enough to spray the nest, your close enough to get stung before they die, if they even do.

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