Six of the Cheapest Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Purchase six or more bathroom products from the cleaning aisle of a local discount store and you will spend a considerable amount of money. Skip the cleaning product aisle, and head to the baking and automotive aisles instead. Products from these aisles offer some of the cheapest, safest and most effective ways to keep your bathroom clean. Chemical products do not have to be used to keep it looking and smelling fantastic. Natural cleaners will get the job done.

Use Baking Soda Instead of Harsh Cleanser

Cleanser is not an expensive cleaning product, but it typically costs more than baking soda. It is also much harsher. When used in excess or without enough water, it can cause irreparable damage. When looking for the cheapest ways to keep your bathroom clean, start with a big box of sodium bicarbonate. Buy it in bulk, and transfer it to an empty parmesan cheese bottle or a spice container that has holes in a secondary lid. The baking soda will gently work to remove bathtub rings and shower grime. It is also ideal for cleaning the vanity top.

The Cheapest Way to Clean Bathroom Faucets

White vinegar is the cheapest product that works to keep stainless steel bathroom faucets sparkling clean. It will remove mineral stains and soap scum when used full strength. Apply it with a sponge, and let it soak into the stains for a few minutes before gently wiping and rinsing it away. The smell of vinegar will eventually dissipate and leave nothing behind but a clean fresh scent.

Use White Vinegar and Newspaper to Keep Mirrors Sparkling Clean

To clean your bathroom mirrors, combine one cup of white vinegar with a quart of warm water, and pour it into a clean spray bottle. Use black and white newspapers instead of paper toweling. Newsprint is the cheapest alternative to paper towels. When paired with diluted white vinegar, your bathroom mirrors will turn out spot-free, streak-free and they will brilliantly shine.

Keep a Squeegee in the Shower to Prevent Water Spots

If water spots on shower doors and walls are a never-ending problem, take care of it using the cheapest and easiest method. Keep an automotive squeegee in the shower, and use it to remove water spots and soap residue after each use. It is one of the cheapest ways to keep the bathroom clean because it will cut down on product usage, even if you no longer using chemical products.

Empty the Water in the Toilet Bowl Before Cleaning

No matter what you use to clean the toilet bowl, if the water is not removed first, the cleaner will become too diluted to do a good job. Empty the water in the toilet bowl before using any cleaning method. Quickly dump a bucket of water in the bowl to manually flush it. The bowl will not fill back up. Sprinkle baking soda around the inside, and spray it with white vinegar. It will naturally begin to bubble when combined. After several minutes, use a bowl brush to scrub away stains. Vinegar and baking soda is the cheapest alternative to chemical toilet bowl cleaner, and it is much safer to use.

Clean and Polish Sealed Wood with Orange Peels

You do not need expensive orange oil to clean and deodorize wood cabinets, baseboards and other sealed wooden bathroom furnishings. The cheapest and most effective alternatives are fresh orange peels. Keep a large portion of a fresh peel intact, and use it to polish the wood after wiping away dust with a clean dry rag. The orange oil in the peel will clean and shine the wood while leaving behind a clean fresh scent. It will also help to further seal the wood against moisture damage that typically occurs in the bathroom.

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