Avoiding Gardening Nightmares

Dear Advice Columnist,

Help! There is a disappearing elephant outside my window at night. Whenver I try to go out to see it, it is gone. It is not there during the day, either. Let me clarify. I can see the shadow of its trunk at night. It hangs at my window near my bedroom. In front of my bedroom is my garden. When I go out and look, all I see are the normal tools. During the day, that is all I can see out my window, too. I see tools for planting, weeding, and watering. What’s going on?

Scared of the Elephant

Dear Scared,

You are being scared of something that is not there at all. There is definitely not an elephant outside your window. You are simply seeing the shadow that your hose is making. Do not worry about any elephants. They are safe in the zoo.


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