How to Get the Most from Your Aluminum Foil

You might be surprised to find that you are wasting the money you spent on aluminum foil. No, not because you are not using it right or it is not effective for doing the things you have been using it for. I mean you have been wasting money on aluminum foil because you haven’t been using it to its substantial peak of efficiency. Aluminum foil is one of the most versatile items in your kitchen. You can and should be doing so much more with your supply.


One way to get the most bang for your buck when using aluminum foil is keep in mind that that it is durable enough to stand up to repeated use. If your utilization of foil for typical use in cooking does not result in its being torn or charred, you put the very same piece you tore off to equally efficient service almost immediately. Foil that is only slightly soiled after use can be wiped clean with a moistened paper towel. More heavily soiled foil can be made clean again by soaking it in hot water into which you poured some dishwashing soap. Rather than tearing off a brand new piece of foil for each need, consider reusing the same piece.


Need a funnel but can’t find a plastic one? Pull out enough aluminum foil to wrap around a few times into a thick funnel shape. The strength of the wrapped foil creates a funnel perfect for when your car has run out of gas or for pouring any other liquid into a small hole.

Cat Control

Aluminum foil is a handy and effective device for controlling the curiosity of cats. Spread out some aluminum foil over any surface that you want to keep cats away from. When cats walk onto foil, they will instantly try to get away and will quickly learn not to come back.

Plant Container

Line one side of a container in which you are growing plants with aluminum foil and situate it so that it can reflect the rays of the sun onto the plants. The reflection of sunlight not only facilitates the health of the plant by making sure they get enough sunlight, but the foil can also help flowers grow straighter. Since the sunlight gets reflected from the opposite side, the stems won’t grow bent as they lean over toward the side of the container on which the sun rises.

Heat Reflector

The same principle as above can be applied to indoor sources of heat. Cover a wooden board or piece of heavy duty cardboard with aluminum foil and place it behind a radiator or space heater. The foil will serve to reflect the heat more efficiently toward you. Just make sure the reflector doesn’t fall over onto a heater or knock the heater over.

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