How to Fix a Dishwasher that Won’t Fill

I’m not a dishwasher repair expert, and I don’t have all of the possible answers for those seeking help with a dishwasher that won’t fill. However, I do know one of the most common reasons why a dishwasher won’t fill with water, and I know how to fix the problem and keep it from happening again. This advice came directly from a dishwasher repair professional from Sears, and it’s invaluable information that I’m willing to share. You can fix it without the help of a professional!

My mother recently had dishwasher problems. Her dishwasher wouldn’t fill with water as it should, and the repairman showed her how easy it was to fix. A dishwasher contains a float in the bottom that signals it to stop filling, and if the float is stuck, it won’t be able to properly fill. The appliance repairman had a few other helpful suggestions for my parents, and by taking his advice, chances are they’ll never have to fix the dishwasher float again.

Check Your Float

If your dishwasher won’t fill, check the float in the unit under the bottom rack. The float is a piece that should easily move up and down, and it’s generally located in a corner. It might look like a round plastic disc beneath a post. If the float doesn’t move up and down freely, more than likely it’s stuck, and this very well could be the source of the problem when the dishwasher won’t fill.

Soften the Water

When water is hard, the float can become stuck very easily, especially if the water contains high levels of lime and other minerals. Consider investing in a water softener. You’ll help keep the water pipes in your home clean and free from clogs, and appliances that use water will last much longer. A water softener will easily pay for itself when money is saved on repairs and the money saved on soap products. All types of soap will last twice as long!

Keep it Clean

Use a dishwasher cleaning product or ordinary white vinegar at least once a month. If you can’t move the float up and down, chances are it’s caked with minerals. Read this article on easy ways to clean your dishwasher, and with a little vinegar or a cleaning product that dissolves lime scale and rust, the float will begin working properly again. It might take a few tries and a some gentle persuasion, but after soaking in vinegar or another dishwasher cleaning solution, the float will become free and the appliance should properly fill.

Don’t Use Liquid Soap

Before the appliance repairman left my parent’s home, he gave my mother one last piece of advice. He recommended switching to powdered detergent instead of the liquid my mom had been using on a regular basis. He said that liquid detergent can also cause the float to become clogged, and it’s not good for the appliance. This little piece of advice will save a considerable amount of money on costly repair bills, especially when a dishwasher won’t fill up as it should. If your float is stuck, chances are you can fix this problem yourself!

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