All About Corns

One condition I’ve never had to deal with, is corns. Although I’ve certainly had my share of calluses, knock on wood; I’ve never had to deal with corns, which can be very painful. At any rate, here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about corns and how to treat them.

What’s a Corn?

Like calluses, corns are also areas of hard, thick skin. They’re usually made up of a soft yellow ring of skin around a hard, gray center. They often form on the tops of the toes or in between toes. Like calluses, corns also come from pressure or repeated rubbing of the toes and usually develop after wearing shoes that are tight around the toe area. The best way to deal with blisters is to avoid getting them altogether.

To keep your feet corn-free, always select your shoes wisely.

One piece of advice I give to people is that they should try to purchase their shoes in the afternoon because their feet are at their biggest because of being on them for a few hours.

Once you get a corn, it can take a little bit longer to go away than a blister. To help them heal, you can buy special doughnut-shaped pads that let the corn fit right into the hole in the middle to relieve pain and pressure. There are also pads that contain salicylic acid, which is a medication that helps to remove dead skin to help get rid of the corn.

If the corn sticks around for a while and keeps hurting, you may need to see a podiatrist for professional treatment.

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