All in One Piece

When you left tonight
Part of me left with you.
A very big part.
You see, when you left
You took my heart.
I felt so lonely and empty inside,
Like a major part of me had just died.
I love you so much, don’t you know?
God, how I hated to let you go.
I wanted you to turn around
And come back to me
And tell me you’d never leave.
It hurt so bad,
I wanted to cry.
I watched you drive away tonight
Into the darkness, out of sight.
As I lay alone in my bed,
Pictures and thoughts of you run through my head.
I try to sleep but sleep won’t come.
Just wish you could see just what you’ve done.
Maybe then you’d come back and never leave
And bring with you my heart,
All in one piece.

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