My Favorite Stranger

The sound of the shattered hearts echoes in my ears.

All this time I tried, to conquer all my fears.

Healing takes some time, and my heart could use some glue.

To puzzle all the pieces, from the mess you put me through.

So I’ll just lie here broken, battered, and abused.

You’ll never understand this heart so damn confused.

Subdued by the thought of a love I’ll never find.

Never seeing what’s in store with a soul so cold and blind.

I could use a sweater, to overcome the snow.

That falls down and destroys everything I know.

A blizzard of confusion.

An avalanche of lust.

Nothing can compare to a single thought of us.

No lips could taste as sweet.

No touch can keep me warm.

Nothing could prepare me.

To make it through this storm.

No shelter in existence.

To hinder pain’s persistence.

Time just passes by.

As we create more distance.

Every moment we grow further.

Every second we’re in danger.

Through the rain and snow.

You’re still my favorite stranger.

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