Images in the Sky

Sometimes I look up at the sky and I see, what to me, seems unusual scenes.

Something immediately comes to mind and I have no idea what it means.

Someone else can see that same thing and have a totally different point of view

God made each one of us to be different.

You cannot be like me and I cannot be like you.

Just like two snowflakes are never alike, no two people are ever the same.

Each person is unique in their own special way and God knows each and every one by name.

You probably could not find two leaves to be exactly the same, ‘nor two clouds up in the sky.

Each person or thing has it’s own specific purpose in the scheme of life.

To understand the scope of it we need not even try.

Scientists and philosophers have come up with a lot of answers but there’s a lot of mystery , still.

There will always be more questions than answers.

Our only purpose is to let God be God and we continue to live in His will.

So now, if the sky is blue, look up at the clouds.

Tell me what you see.

You may see a whale and I see a bird (same cloud) but let’s just remember the One who created the beautiful sights for you and me.

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