This journey through life is obstacle-ridden,
my inner compass spins out of control.
Alone inside this maze
and trapped within these narrow halls.
Fumbling in the darkness,
pleading for a glimpse of light.

How do I find my way?

The energy is dark and heavy,
weighted down, are my heart and soul.
My reflection, standing in the way
and my own eyes bear the burden,
of flimsy armor and weakened stature.
Once strong and fearless,
before me stands a stranger.

I rebuff this mirrored image,
an evil deception to fool my mind.
Wicked likes to trick, to taunt
and lure the souls that waiver.
Can this soul stand firm,
to rebuke the workings of soiled hands?

My own pain drew the darkness.

It seems the haunted shadows,
were a jaded semblance of me.
The demons fed on a battered soul
and festered deep within.
Heart diseased by this darkened bunch,
I must expel the blackness.

Will my own light set me free?

Foolish eyes, deceived by those that envied,
a “welcome” mat of misery.
My company was desired
and then my soul sought residency.
I fell into an evil ploy,
like a child deceived by lies.

You can’t have me anymore.

This breath of air, realization,
I can scoff at what you’ve done.
This light within, shall guide my path
and I won’t look back anymore.
The shadows seem to whimper,
but slowly fade away.

Inner strength is luminescent.

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