Alternate Ways to Use Silverware Trays

Silverware trays come in various sizes. Some are modular and fit together like a puzzle, while others are solid plastic or wood. They are designed to hold flatware and small accessories, but they can be used to organize other items in creative new ways. When I no longer want or need my kitchen silverware trays, I never toss them into the recycling bin or trashcan. I have found many alternate ways to use them. They are far cheaper than alternate storage options in the bathroom, garage, office and many other unexpected locations in and around the home.

Alternate Makeup Storage

Makeup stored in a bag can be difficult to find. The containers and their contents can also become damaged. Lids come off, and products end up ruined. Tubes of lipstick mysteriously twist, and it ends up becoming smashed by the lids.

Before using silverware trays as an alternate method of storage, my makeup bag became a complete mess. I have two bathroom drawers that hold silverware trays, and they provide a great way to organize and store everything from eye liner to lipstick. I ditched the bag and use silverware trays. Now I never have to dig for something that I want, and my makeup does not become damaged.

Organize Tools in the Garage

A quality tool cabinet usually has several drawers, but they do not always have partitions. Silverware trays make fantastic organizers for tool chests. My dad uses silverware trays his tool cabinet. They are great alternate organizers. He uses them to hold and organize small screwdrivers, screws, nails, washers and more.

Silverware Trays are Great for Holding Craft Supplies

Special boxes for craft supplies can be quite expensive, and they are also unnecessary. Use alternate options instead. Silverware trays are often less expensive that craft boxes, and the sections are just the right size. They are ideal for storing crochet hooks, paint brushes, glue sticks, pens, pencils and other items of similar shape and size.

Use Silverware Trays in Desk Drawers

Desk drawers often end up looking like kitchen junk drawers. When looking for alternate options for using silverware trays, repurpose at least one to an office desk. They are great for holding paper clips, pens, pencils, staples, flash drives and more. Since placing two silverware trays in my top desk drawer, it has remained in perfect order.

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