Alternative Lighting Sources for Weather Emergencies

Alternative lighting sources are something we need at times when a winter storm knocks out power. When an emergency happens you do not have the time to go make purchases so prepare for these before bad weather enters the region. Have alternative lighting sources handy for when those emergencies happen.

When winter storms knock out power, you can do a few things to get some light in your house. In this article, I am going to give you the options that are inexpensive so they will not break the bank.

Head to the dollar store and purchase a few of those candles in the glass jars. Adults should use these only. Set the candles around the living room as decorative touches until you need them but they can become an excellent alternative lighting source in an emergency.

When the power goes out at night, you are set, because of the candles. Simply move the candles to a table or flat surface where they can burn safely. Make sure the table or flat surface has no clutter on it that will begin a fire or block the light.

If you group the candles in small groups, you will get more light from these alternative lighting sources. You could also put them on a mirror or in front of a mirror to help reflect the light. When you reflect the light, a few candles will light an entire room, which is 20 by 30.

If you purchase candles that are not in glass jars as an alternative lighting source, you need to make sure they are in some sort of holder to prevent fires or messy wax accidents. A saucer works wonderfully for this purpose.

You can also purchase a decorative kerosene lamp, which sits on a table as alternative lighting sources. These have covers on them to prevent an open flame. Many people with small children find these preferable over candles.

Of course, no home should ever be without a flashlight or two, but in an emergency, they can be used as alternative lighting sources. These are the safest choice but they tend to consume batteries quickly, and that is unacceptable to most people. In my house flashlights are used to find a lighter in an emergency to light the candles. If the kids have taken the batteries out of the radio, I use the flash light batteries to power the radio to listen to weather information.

The other night an early winter storm knocked out power locally. I was prepared because I had plenty of candles around within easy access. Having lived in the northeast most of my life has taught me to always be prepared with alternative lighting sources.

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